All members must pay a Club Registration fee, even if you are not playing in the WPSA competition and are planning on using the club as a social/training outlet. This assists the club with costs such as; Summer and Winter competitions, website and accounting maintenance, equipment, insurance and any other costs the club occurs during the year.

This year WPSA is using a new registration system called revolutionise sport (revSPORT) and we require all members to register through this new portal. When selecting your below registration type through the new portal, the total fee displayed is a combined fee of both WPSA and Henley Sharks.

Just click on the above registration link and you will notice there are 4 different registration options:

Adult - Aged 19 yrs or older

Youth - Aged 13 - 18 yrs of age

Junior - Aged 7 - 12 yrs or younger

Social - Non-Playing Comp members but are attending training

Committee / Parents / Volunteer only Membership - For Committee, volunteers only who are involved in the club and for Parents who want to be kept 'in the loop' of what is going on and for communication.

Please note: If you are playing in the WPSA Summer Comp; Registrations are due by Sunday 26th August or the 2nd game, otherwise all games that are played where a player is not financial, the team automatically forfeits that game and the member will also receive a $50 fine. ***Please ensure you are registered.***

As we all know, it costs a lot of money to run the water polo competitions that we all love. We have been very lucky that the last 4 years, there have been no fee increases. For the new season, Henley Sharks have received a 50% competition fee increase (compared to previous seasons) and unfortunately Henley Sharks Water Club can't absorb all these costs and will need to pass these onto our members. We know this may not be liked by some members but we hope you understand that we have done as much as possible to keep these fess to a minimum.

Thank you to all Members, Parents/Family, Life Members, Volunteers and Committee Members for your ongoing and loyal support towards Henley Sharks Water Polo Club. Without your support, this club wouldn't be the club it is today!!

Go Sharks!!

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